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Recipe: Young Cabbage with Chicken

April 3, 2012

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Dukan Diet Recipe: Cabbage with Lean Chicken Sausages If you miss some vegetables in Dukan Diet, here’s a recipe for you. This is a one-pot soup-like dish. Easy to prepare, very nourishing, 100% Dukan Diet compliant.

Recommended in Phase II (PV) and Phase III. Despite not being made of pure protein rich foods, this dish contains very little carbs, no fat and some significant amounts of protein. Read more →


Dukan Diet Recipe: Egg Noodles Great noodles recommended by Dr Dukan. This recipe has been included in some editions of his book, but not everyone knows, or heard, about it. Anyway, here’s a nice step by step photo-recipe on how to prepare this delicious noodles. Read more →


Recipe: Pancakes

April 2, 2012

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Dukan Diet Recipe: Pancakes

Dukan Diet Pancakes are best used as an ingredient for other, more protein rich, dishes.

This is because the pancakes themselves contain some carbohydrates, and although they are Dukan diet compliant, they should not be consumed just as they are. Use it as a base for delicious meals packed with proteins. Read more →


Recipe: Letcho

April 2, 2012
Dukan Diet Recipe: Letcho

It’s not that hard to prepare a real letcho that is ‘dukan diet compliant’. Most ingredients are pretty easy to get. The most difficult ingredient to find is extra-lean cured turkey (or chicken) ham. You need to choose only the most lean varieties. Just read the label and you’ll know.

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