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Dukan Diet Printable PDF (Attack Phase Memento)
Download the Attack Phase Memento Printable PDF

The list of 100 foods that you can eat on Dukan Diet. Printable.
Download The Original 100 Diet Safe Food List

Phase 3 recap, food list and schedule.
Download Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase Schedule

Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase Memento
Download Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase Memento

A questionnaire from ‘The Book of my Weight’ Project.
Download The Book of My Weight (Questionaire)


  1. Hi, I would like to start the Dukan diet but I don’t know where to start, can anyone help me get started please?

  2. I currently started my dukan diet. I started it on 1/6/2020. Weight was 160 . Today I got on the scale weight 155. I have stuck to it as careful as possible. I have being on this dukan 2 year’s ago my weight then 160 & within 4 month’s later weight in @125. So I know this work’s but seem’s as though the scale is stuck @155. I will continue to use dukan . Any suggestions I am very active on a daily basis .I recently went back to the gym using thread mill for 50 minute’s, I started light weight lifting & added Zumba.

    1. hi there a loss is a loss. Even if it is little bit
      I Have been trying to loose weight my whole life.
      I am also struggling but everyday I am still trying
      Good luck and God bless

    2. hi, all! I did this diet in 2012 and for two and a half months I lost 9 kg. I want to start again but the shortened diet, version Dukan diet 2. I hope to lose weight again

  3. Had both Duken Diet books and loaned them out – they lost them. So looking for download of all steps including the bonus foods list. Thanks

  4. Hello,

    I did attack phase for 9 days and follow exactly the formula. But, I did not lose a lot.

    I was 132 pounds, 5’6 hight and goal was to get close at least to 126. Only lost 2 pounds!
    Not sure why. And I am very active (exercise HIIT 6 days a week) and of course drink water constantly.
    Today, I started to do phase II, added some organic lettuce and cherry tomatoes.
    Planing to do a week phase II and then back to attack phase and hopefully I get to
    my goal weigh which is 122 pounds.

    Any suggestions? thanks

    1. First stage is very important. You may have hormones issues or you did not wait after your period to start the phase

  5. Hi, im on the attack phase, i dont understand that how many times do i have to eat. and how much meat or dairy I can consume. Im very confused and looks like IM not losing weight at all.

    1. As much as you want. As often as you need. No restrictions here. Just stick to the list of diet safe foods.

  6. Just a note, the 100 safe foods list worked perfectly. Think it’s just a little problem with the attack phase memento. Will keep checking back to see if it works.

  7. I downloaded 3 different items with no problem.
    I am not a mac user – if that makes a difference.

    1. i think that was the problem although I still can’t download the Consolidation Phase Memento, it says I need to select a file to download.

  8. i am yet to start the dunkan diet, i love fruits and i cant get it off my mind that i wont be able to eat fruits till the consolation phase and that would have to be just one piece!! fruits are healthy so why cant it be eaten during the attack or cruise

    1. You will be just fine. I started in July and I love fruits as well, but I really want to be happy about my size. For now I am just saying ok I can do this. I have lost 22# so far. I must say that I am looking forward to the day when I can have fruit and starches again. Fruit has natural sugars and we still need to be careful of how much we consume daily. Good luck! Hope you get started soon…. it is very doable!!

  9. I have been for 5 weeks on Dukan diet, when should I expext to start loseing after what I lost in the attach phase, which is in all 3 Kg.

      1. I want to get all the Diet steps Attack ,Cruise ,Consolidation, stabilization, what to eat, but I cant download aff

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