Phase I Attack

Vegetables in Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Phase I is about limiting food to just protein. The ultimate sources for this nutrient are foods of animal origin so there isn’t much place for vegetables here. Nonetheless, eating dairy, meat or fish can, and should be, varied. There is a number of vegetables that, if used as condiments, will add variety to the diet without disturbing the weight losing process.

Vegetable Condiments

All of the below-mentioned foods are to be used in Phase I as condiments only. They all are distinguished by low contents of carbohydrates and fat.

That said, they don’t contain much of protein either (and the protein they do contain is not complete, so as far as the Dukan Diet is concerned, you cannot substitute dairy, eggs or fish with herbs).

In short, they will serve perfectly as an addition to all of your protein-based meals in the Dukan Diet’s Attack Phase.

Be warned though, use those vegetables in moderation, and do not make your meals entirely just out of them. They are not carbohydrate rich but they are not protein rich either. And as you already know, the beating heart of the Dukan Diet is protein. Eat as much protein rich foods as you want and add herbs and greens to them so that you can eat even more. That’s the strategy for the Attack Phase.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular vegetable condiments that you can use in the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet.

Condiments in Dukan Diet Attack Phase

Comparison: Chive, Parsley, Dill weed, Celery, Basil

Not included in the table above, but still valuable fresh herbs are rosemary, thyme, coriander, mint, marjoram, tarragon, oregano etc.

I chose those foods because of their low sugar contents as well as their culinary values. They all have distinct flavor and aroma. So:

  • they all make perfect condiments or spices
  • there’s no much risk of overusing them (how much of fresh basil are you able to eat?)

These fresh, green vegetables have many advantages, here are just a few:

  • No cholesterol, very low in sodium
  • Very high in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, manganese and magnesium
  • High in niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, thiamine and zinc
  • Very high in vitamins A, B6 and C

Don’t be afraid of using the above mentioned vegetables in any dish you prepare in Phase I. Including fresh green condiments in your menu will add variety to your meals and make the Attack Phase a walk in the park. In addition, you will supply your body with many precious nutrients such as: vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.


Garlic is widely used as a seasoning or condiment. It is known for its strong flavor. It is a fundamental component in many meat, fish, or seafood dishes. Garlic will enliven many of your meals in the attack Phase. However, despite it’s taste and aroma garlic is a carbohydrate rich vegetable (see the table below). Use garlic in moderation during the first stage of the Dukan Diet.

Nutrition data: Garlic


  1. Great re reading thediet would like a list of vegetables and what to eat when as I have forgotten
    Regards and thanks

  2. Have just started and the diet says no alcohol in phase 1 and 2. However, you can drink sugar free drinks so would a small gin really be that bad added? Also can 1 small tomatoe a day be really bad in the attack phase? I am 71 yrs old and miss the tomatoes like you cannot believe. Many thanks. Trish

  3. Hello! Can you please send me some info on the Dukan diet attack phase. I am very obese and I need to lose weight. I am tired of being out of breath and so emotionally drained from feeling worthless and not happy. Please help me. Thank you

    1. Hello Barbara Jackson… I weigh the most ever… I just wanted to share an observation with you. You are loved… You have value… Be happy!

      What I am trying to say to you, my fellow diet-er… is… love yourself first… as you de-clutter your life… mind, house, body… things will fall into place.

      If you feel like talking more, I would welcome it.

      Love, Joy, Happyness.


  4. Hi there was duing the dukkan and lost 7kg – was about four weeks into my cruise stage – we we have a house fire and lost everything – so unfortunatley when everyone is feeding you – you just can’t be to choise – NOW I hve only put back on 2kg and want to start again before it gets our of hand – I gather that I need to start on the Attach again – but for how long ?????

  5. in the cruise phase – I am planning to follow the 1/1 PV & PP day’s – can you tell me if I have a special unplanned occassion and I have just had a PV day can I have another on straight after??? and then do I just go back to PP – PV – PP ????

    1. Yes, you can. It’s better to turn to PP after any unplanned occasions :). This brings about some better results.

  6. Please can you tell me what sauces I can use in the Cruise Phase – like soy, fish sauce, oyster sauce, BBQ sauce is there any sauce that I can use ????

    1. Soy sauce (usually made from soya and wheat) — yes, but in moderation since it’s very salty.
      Fish sauce — yes (in moderation), but the same as above: very salty.
      Oyster sauce, many bbq sauces — usually rich in sugar, so no.

  7. hi
    im experiencing constipation in this phase. i have increased my intake of oat bran to 2 .5 table spoons but it isn’t doing the job. I’m also drinking lots of water each day as well.
    What can i do?

    1. How many days in the Attack Phase? Constipation should pass after you switch to Cruise Phase and eat some vegs. Beetroot is known to help with constipations.

  8. this seems to be very similar to Dr.Atkins diet….do you agree.?….if not ….what is the difference between the two?

  9. Is there any site in Canada? My username and password doesn’t work for the US site, I originally subscribed at UK site.

  10. hi, i would love to start on this diet, and i did try to cut down on carbs, but it seems that i become weaker, and fall sick easily with longer recovery period. does this mean i am not suitable for this dukan diet? thanks

  11. thanks for the reply my heritage is anglo indian
    can i use ginger&garlic onions? also cam i use any spices
    such as chillie turmeric corriander cummin curry powder

    any stock powders?

    thankyou Ryan

  12. Hi looking at starting this diet, cant find mention of a few things
    salt, pepper, can it be used
    can i use lean cuts of lamb? and spinach? for offal ox tongue ok?

    would i be right in saying no alchol or soft sugar? can i use
    sweetners thanks heaps

    1. Salt — yes, in moderation.
      Pepper and other spices — yes, no specific restrictions.
      Lean cuts of lamb — yes, but you must be sure there’s no more than 8-10% of in it.
      Offal, tongue — not recommended unless you are sure you eat only the lean parts.
      Spinach — not in Phase I, later on recommended.
      No alcohol until phase III, no sugar, artificial sweeteners — yes.

  13. What can you drink…I am in my second day of phase 1 and have eaten boiled eggs and chicken …no skin and water but just had a black coffee….can’t find out what to drink.

  14. I really need my health back and to loose weight for another spinal surgery as soon as possible.
    I have been a lacto-vegetarian 35 years. Can I supplement the protein in the diet?
    Thanking you, Jacqueline Hannigan. I would be very grateful for a swift reply.

    1. What do you mean by supplementing the protein? If you are lacto-vegetarian, you can eat dairy, right? Dairy contains complete protein and this is enough to make this diet work well. To strengthen the weight loss effect of the Dukan Diet, use those kinds of milk product that are high in protein while low in sugars and fats (for example low fat quark or non-fat Greek yogurt).

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